Stock & Custom Magnets For Any Application

Rochester Magnet is your #1 source for the highest quality flexible magnets, rare-earth magnets, and magnet assemblies for retail, P.O.P. and industrial applications.

Magnet Varieties at Rochester Magnet

Rochester Magnet is a magnet manufacturer and supplier that will send you customized magnets in exactly the specifications you need for your project. As your magnet specialist, we can produce:

  • Magnetic Strips and Sheets: Durable magnets available in multiple pole configurations, through thicknesses, pole directions and custom shapes.
  • Printable Magnets and Digital Prints: A cost-effective way to advertise your business’s information. Available in magnetized and unmagnetized sheets and rolls.
  • Adhesive Tapes and High Bond Tapes: Available in foam, rubber and acrylic variations with double-bonded or clear adhesive.
  • Neodymium and Rare Earth Magnets: Custom-designed, powerful and versatile magnets made from Neodymium or samarium cobalt. Available in block, disc and ring forms.
  • Magnetic Assemblies: Strong and affordable magnet assemblies ready for use in motors, speakers, automotive applications and refrigerators.
  • AlNiCo & Ceramics: Strong cast and sintered non-rare-earth magnets that withstand heat during high-temperature operations.

Magnet Materials and Magnetic Assemblies

Our expertise and ability to create and customize sizes, shapes, and a variety of materials allows us to improve many existing projects. We focus on working with you to find the perfect, innovative solution that delivers greater value and performance combined with cost savings.

Industries and Applications

Our flexible magnets, printable magnets and rare earth magnets and more can be designed and customized for a wide variety of industries. At Rochester Magnet, we understand that magnets can fulfill a myriad of different functions, and we’re dedicated to designing the magnetic solutions you need for your business. Our flexible offerings come with a variety of adhesives, coatings, segmentations, shapes and strengths.

Commercial Project Applications

In the current age of machinery, few products can be manufactured without the use of magnets. Some of the largest commercial users of magnets are:

  • Industrial manufacturers: Here, magnets help create equipment for computer hard drives, fluid pumps, generators, manufacturing motors, solenoids and windmills.
  • Packaging companies: Magnets are perfect for creating resealable packaging that maximizes efficiency while improving your company’s sustainability.
  • Point of sale display (POP display) producers: Magnetic products are used to quickly and easily swap out point of sale display prices and advertisements.
  • Printers: As they offer highly customizable structures that are ideal for printing high-quality advertising and design, magnets are essential to the printing industry.
  • Sign manufacturers: Customizable and removable magnets allow producers to create versatile signs that can be changed from season to season.

Our Expert Magnet Specialists Custom Tailor Our Magnets to Your Project

At Rochester, we’re as flexible as our selection of magnets. For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing our customers with custom-tailored solutions for any kind of project you can imagine. No matter how sophisticated or complex a design you require, we have the equipment and knowledge to actualize it. We’re a leading manufacturer of magnetic assemblies and flexible magnetic materials, and we also create custom adhesive solutions to complement our products. 

Our equipment can easily handle both small and large custom product runs to deliver the exact quantity you need at an affordable price point. All of our magnets are 100% made in America and entirely customizable so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. To learn more about our custom services and inquire about your newest projects, call us at 585.385.5550. 

Getting A Customized Quote Is Fast & Easy

Whether your have custom specifications or are just looking for guidance, our experts help point you in the right direction. Simply call or complete our online quote form and we’ll review your specs and contact you with any questions. As always, we promise we will…

  • Provide same day quotes, meet short lead times, and provide expedited delivery.
  • Customize the job to meet your exact specifications.
  • Deliver custom hard magnets in weeks, not months.
  • Save you both time and money when you commit to Rochester Magnet.

Why Choose Rochester Magnet?

At Rochester Magnet, we pride ourselves on being a step above our competition. We offer flexible magnetic strips and sheets, printable magnets,neodymium (rare earth) magnets, magnetic assemblies, pressure sensitive adhesives and more. Beyond our extensive magent products portfolio, Rochester Magnet delivers an unmatched combination of speed, specs, service and savings that has helped make us THE preferred industry choice for customer satisfaction.

We take on a variety of projects, from short-run quantities to large-scale production, our focus is on understanding customer needs and delivering quality products on-time at an economical cost. We also stock printable magnets in a wide variety of styles. This dedication to unsurpassed service, quality, and delivery times is what sets us apart and keeps customers coming back.