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What are Strong Magnets?

While all magnets come with a certain level of strength that depends on their energy density, there is one type of magnet that stands out above the rest – the Neodymium Iron Boron (NIB) magnet. These rare earth magnets are widely recognized as true “strong” magnets due to their unparalleled strength.Their unique composition and magnetic properties make them highly sought after in a variety of applications where high magnetic strength is essential.

What are the Common Uses of Strong Magnets?

  • They are used in vacuum circuit breakers, magnetic holding relays, watt-hour meters, water meters, and sensors in electronic appliances.
  • They are used in various motors like VCM, CD/DVD-ROM, generators, servo motors, micro-motors, vibration motors, and more.
  • They are used for applications associated with medical equipment and magnetic therapy in the healthcare sector.
  • They are used in other applications such as luggage magnets, leather magnets, craft gift packaging, magnetic locks, toy magnets, tool magnets, and many more.

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