Round Base Magnets


You can buy round base magnets from Rochester Magnet, a leading industry provider for magnets of all strengths and sizes. We supply both ceramic and neodymium magnets to all industries. Below, learn more information about round base magnets and find out which ones are ideal for your needs. 


Round Based Magnetic Assemblies are ceramic or neodymium magnets clad with a steel cup.  These magnets are often found in applications requiring a strong holding device or the ability to attach a post or hook to hang other items.  Magnetic strength can be multiplied by up to 32 times by using steel armatures to concentrate magnetic flux. Such armatures may take the form of backing plates, channels or cups.

Neodymium round base magnets are strong members of the permanent magnet family. The back casing creates a closed circuit on one side for maximum pull and strength. Neodymium magnets alone have a strong pull, and combined with closed-circuit technology and durable steel cups, they can affix to a wide range of surfaces and projects. 

Magnets with a round base, whether ceramic or neodymium, are also used in applications requiring a high pull strength. These magnets consist of durable materials and can endure high demands due to their strength. Most backing plates or cups have an opening to which handles, screws, bolts, and more can be attached. 


Round base magnets have a strong pull and are best used in heavy-duty applications, though they can serve well in most scenarios. Some common purposes include: 

  • Lifting.
  • Holding.
  • Positioning.
  • Mounting.

These magnets are most often used in furniture, light fixtures, antennas, inspection equipment, vehicles, and more. We can give you more technical information about our available pull strengths when you work with us.


Round base magnets are an excellent alternative to traditional mounting materials requiring complex installation methods. Since they are so strong, they can be used in all industries as a powerful magnetized option. 

Other benefits of round base magnets include: 

  • Improved performance: Because of the closed circuit, round base magnets are significantly more powerful than other standard magnet options. When you need to hold up a heavy object, you can trust round base magnets to do so easily. 
  • High endurance: The round shell casing helps protect the magnet. The ceramic and neodymium magnets sit inside the shell and are less likely to be damaged by everyday usage. 
  • Easy attachments: For some magnet casings, you can attach screws and bolts for the perfect placement. 

At Rochester Magnet, we can supply you with the ideal magnet for your application. 


Rochester Magnet is a trusted industry provider for magnets and magnetized materials. We have a wide range of products to help you accomplish various projects. We are here to assist you in finding the best solution for price, size, strength, and application. 

When you work with us, we will provide the technical information your business needs. We narrow your search for the perfect magnet and provide flexible solutions for every individual customer. 

If you are ready to buy round base magnets, contact us online today, and fill out our online quote form to begin finding the right magnets for your application. 

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