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Magnetic Closures are used in a wide range of products. The simplicity, size and selection provide a broad tool box for a creative mind. Magnets play a key role in delivering reliable closures that work time after time. The ability to discreetly integrate disc and block neodymium magnets into the packaging; unique solutions can be delivered delighting the customer and their end user alike. Packaging

designers, manufacturers, and marketing agencies have unanimously adopted magnets as their closure of choice.  Read more about Neodymium Magnets used in Packaging Design.



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Magnets are flexible, reusable, and small making them an excellent choice for a wide range of retail and POP Display applications. A magnet attached to the bottom of a shelf divider provides positive positioning and simple repositioning with no tools. Additionally, the magnet is permanent and will not wear out like the pins in traditional shelves.  Another popular use for magnets is the attachment of signs to

displays for POP, trade show and other marketing devices. Using magnets provides a simple and secure attachment that keeps your options open for fresh and/or targeted messages.


Magnets are an important component of many product designs and also have a wide variety of Industrial applications. Motors, Solenoids, Wind Mills, Speakers, Computer Hard Drives, Generators, Fluid Pumps and Couplings are a few product application examples. Separators, Chip Removal, Plastic Injection Molds (holding inserts in place) and Product Handling are a few examples of Magnets in Industrial Applications. The availability of magnets with high holding power in small form factors is increasing the number of potential product and industrial applications.

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