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    Economical & Flexible

    Innovation in packaging design continues to create sleek
    designs using new materials. Magnets play a key role in
    delivering reliable closures that work time after time.
    Incorporating disk and block neodymium magnets into
    the packaging; unique solutions can be delivered,
    delighting the customer and their end user alike. Packaging
    Designers, Manufacturers, and Marketing Agencies have
    unanimously adopted magnets as their closure of choice.

    Neodymium (rare earth) magnetic closures add
    a high end feel while providing a solution that is
    simple to integrate, easy to open and close,
    reliable, predictable, performance without wear.

    Rochester Magnet has partnered on projects incorporating magnets such as:

    Whether clearly visible or completely hidden from view,
    magnets offer near limitless potential for creating conve-
    nient, durable and re-useable high-end packaging that carry
    a company’s brand far beyond the initial product purchase.

    Economical Flexible
    – Neodymium Disks & Adhesive Steel Mate

    Flexible Solutions Positive Results

    One size does not fit all. Thousands of customers look to Rochester Magnet as a partner to help develop the correct solution for the application. We deliver the finest quality product, on-time, with attentive customer service from sample and first article through completed product to support after the sale. It is what our reputation is built on! The referrals we receive everyday from our customers confirms it. Bring us your challenge… we’ve got the solution.

    The Power of Neodymium

    Neodymium (Neo) magnets are strong, compact magnetic material, available with and without adhesive backing. Neo magnets are nickel coated to protect against corrosion and provide maximum operating temperatures of 176ºF – for standard magnets. Higher  temperature resistance is possible with custom magnets. Neo magnets are typically mag- netized conventionally through the thickness. Achievement of perfect alignment in magnet- to-magnet applications requires facing opposite poles. We simplify this by providing matching magnets with adhesive on the north side of one and the southside of the other magnet. Simply remove the cover paper and press the magnet onto the desired surfaces.

    The Power of Neodymium
    Creative Closure Concepts

    Creative Closure Concepts

    Creative Closure Concepts is a collaborative processdeveloped to streamline and optimize the design and imple-mentation of a Package Closure. We work with designers tounderstand the project specifications and design aestheticsto optimize price andperformance. We start byunderstanding the closureretention force whichdetermines whether two mag-nets or one magnet with a steeldisc or strike plate are used.Other factors such as the AirGap (the space between the mag-nets or steel receptive piece) effect pull force and performance.Call us to help you design and test the right solution for you.

    Creative Closure Concepts

    Ready to Ship Neo

    Available with or without adhesive backing – additional
    technical data available upon request. Please call for custom sizes.

    The Rochester Magnet Difference

    The Rochester Magnet Difference

    A leading converter of flexible magnetic materials and
    assemblies; Rochester Magnet is the source for ALL of your
    magnetic requirements. From short run quantities to large
    scale production, our focus is on understanding our customers’
    needs and delivering quality products on-time at an economical
    cost. This dedication to customer service, quality, and prompt
    delivery is what sets us apart.
    From concept to final production, our technical team provides
    the resources you need to solve your magnetic challenges and
    make your product a success. Our quality and comprehensive
    service provides value unmatched in the magnet industry.

    Give us a call to see how our Flexible Solutions can produce Positive Results for you and your business