Ceramic Alnico Assemblies


Magnetic assemblies and devices provide high strength at low cost.  Combining magnets with steel armatures increases strength dramatically (up to 32 times) by concentrating magnetic flux. An armature can take several forms; a backing plate, channel or cup are common features that provide other functionality in addition to multiplying the attractive force.

Common Magnetic Assemblies uses are:

  • Sign and banner mounts
  • Channel letter guides
  • Latches
  • Work Holders
  • Hooks and Hangers
  • Point of Sale Display component

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Round Base Magnets provide exceptional economy, high holding power and compact designs. The addition of a metal cup to a standard, inexpensive, cylindrical Ceramic Magnet provides a platform for a number of design applications. Several standard sizes are available, and all have a hole in the magnet and the metal cup to accept a handle or other device.



Channel Magnets multiply the attractive force of your magnet by placing it into a metal channel.

This configuration is popular for knife holders, tool holders and similar devices due to the simplicity. Another benefit is the ability to create a large, highly attraction surface using simple, inexpensive components.



Sandwich Magnets are comprised of two pieces of ferrous metal with a magnet in between. The presence of the metal increases the attraction force exponentially. This configuration is frequently used in latches and other things like that.



Ceramic Holding Assemblies resist demagnetization by vibration and electrical fields. They are ideal for use as work holders on welding machines and other equipment with strong demagnetizing fields. Cylindrical Ceramic holding assemblies can be installed by a simple press fit with only a slight reduction in holding values.

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Shielded Magnets are primarily used to supply a holding force in limited areas of steel tools, dies and fixtures. The sheath, acting as an insulator, prevents undue loss of magnetic flux at the magnet pole when inserted directly into steel components. This type of assembly is usually efficient when there is no severe limitation on magnet length. The pull force against a flat steel surface will vary from several ounces to pounds, depending upon magnet diameter and length. Greatest pull is achieved if magnet length is at least 4.2 times the diameter – less pull when length of magnet is reduced.

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