Rochester Magnet sells magnetizers for in-house magnetizing of your material post-print. When looking at magnetic media the question has always been how to run the material through your offset, flexo or digital press and also have a magnetized finished product.  Post-print magnetization allows for the widest selection of printable flexible magnetic material, thereby increasing your range of options on finished product.

Magnetizers allow you a start to finish solution for winning and keeping in-house magnetic print jobs that you potentially would not quote or outsource.  By keeping these in-house, you increase your value to your customer while increasing your margins on these jobs.  This allows for total end-to-end control of your job.

To experience how easy these are to run, Rochester Magnet has a try and buy program available on your first order.  We ship you the magnetizer for use on your printer, in your facility to get the sense of what owning a magnetizer is like.  This helps you to best understand the simplicity of post-print magnetizing for your customers.  It will also help expand your profit portfolio.

Whether you are running high volume projects or short run sign jobs, we have a magnetizing solution for you.

Call us and we can help walk you through all the options and find out which model best suits your needs based on printer type and expected volumes.


  • Motorized Magnetizer – Our motorized magnetizers are designed to magnetize cut sheets of magnetic material and are the perfect choice for volume jobs done on a regular or semi-regular basis. Best of all, these motorized magnetizers are low maintenance (no belts to replace), very reliable, and economical!
  • Portable Desktop Magnetizer – Our desktop magnetizer is designed as an economical solution to small jobs. This system is durable, reliable and low maintenance. When you are not using it, simply close the case and store for your next job.  Learn more at Desktop Magnetizer
  • Handheld Magnetizer – Our handheld, non-motorized magnetizer is designed to provide an alternative for low volume and occasional jobs. This lightweight, durable magnetizer in a non-metallic housing will allow you to magnetize your magnetic sheeting after printing or lettering.
  • In-Line Magnetization – We also offer a magnetizing solution for all your in-line printing needs. Each of these systems is designed and custom built for your particular process.

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