Neodymium (rare earth) magnetic closures provide an easy-to-use, reliable solution with a high-end feel. These magnets give you predictable performance without wear. We offer additional flexible features at an economical cost.

Using earth magnets for packaging is ideal for a various applications. Many industries use magnetic packaging options for their products because of the reliability and durability it provides. Rochester Magnet has partnered on projects incorporating magnets such as:

  • Specialty marketing materials: Various industries use magnetic packaging solutions that let recipients post magnetic messages or provide easy access to promotional information.
  • High-end owners manuals: Magnetic solutions for owners manuals can make it easier to access information and keep it secure.
  • CD, DVD, and other electronic packaging:  Magnetic packaging options facilitate added security and user-friendly opening. They also protect electronic products when they’re not in use.
  • Handbags: Using magnetic purse closures makes opening and closing easy for consumers while also providing exceptional protection.
  • Gift sets: Magnetic gift sets can enhance user experience, create a novelty gift option and increase overall functionality without additional packaging.
  • Personal products and cosmetics: A broad assortment of personal products can work optimally with magnetic packaging solutions for intuitive use.

You can choose for the magnet to be clearly visible or completely hidden depending on your product. Either way, magnets offer near limitless potential for creating convenient, durable and reusable high-end packaging that will carry a company’s brand far beyond the initial product purchase.

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