The holiday season is fast approaching, and with this time of year comes the task of picking out the perfect holiday gift. There is one item that should be on every business owner’s wish list in order to ensure them a profitable and hassle free New Year…magnets of course!! Magnets can play a key role in the success of finding customers, encouraging customers to buy and simplifying your business. Incorporating magnets into your business would be the gift that keeps on giving!



Car magnets are a highly effective tool for advertising your business to a very broad audience. These magnets are constructed out of flexible magnetic material, and can be cut to any size or shape desired at a very economical cost. The flexible magnet can then either be printed on directly if you get vinyl faced magnet and have the proper color printer for the job, or you can purchase magnet with adhesive and laminate your design directly onto the magnet. Car magnets offer great flexibility. If you have more than one vehicle, magnets can be interchanged between them or removed entirely for preventing possible theft of business related items or for cleaning of the car’s finish. Car magnets provide a big payoff for small businesses with very little out of pocket expense.

POP displays are another highly profitable tool that retailers can use to encourage impulse buying. A flexible magnet placed strategically by the checkout, advertising soft drinks or some other small item that may not have been thought of before, sparks the consumer’s impulsive side and makes them purchase this item. What is great about magnet for this application is that it can utilize a small space that may otherwise go unused, such as the side of a soda cooler, and it can be changed out or repositioned with unparalleled ease. The same can be said for store signage, menu boards, or attendance boards utilizing either flexible or hard magnets. By using magnetic signs or small powerful rare earth magnets for holding signs it requires very little effort to switch them out and simplifies having to change signage or prices. Finally, for larger displays, match pole magnet offers a strong seamless hold that will secure large banners or tradeshow displays with easy set-up and takedown.

Shelf labels made from flexible magnetic material help to organize stockrooms and warehouses and make inventorying and locating items much less of a chore. There are many different options when it comes to magnetic shelving labels. The most common types of magnet used for labeling are plain magnet, adhesive backed magnet, C-profile magnet and WOWO. Plain magnet is used when companies utilize their own stickers and place them directly on the magnet. Magnet with adhesive on it is another option for companies whose labels do not already have any adhesive on them. C-profile magnet has a wide groove pre-cut into the magnet which allows labels to slide into it and be held securely in place. Finally, WOWO is magnet with a write on/wipe off surface that allows you to write on it and make changes as often as you would like. Magnetic shelving labels are a highly useful tool in warehousing; they offer flexibility, convenience, and organization.

While magnets may not seem like a likely holiday gift, they definitely are a gift to businesses. There are so many applications out there where magnet is the most practical, economical and efficient tool on the market today. Whether you are trying to grow your business, improve your business, or simplify your business, magnets can be the answer you are looking for.