Rare Earth Magnets Guide


Rare Earth Magnets Guide There are regular magnets, and then there are rare earth magnets. If you’re unsure what the difference is or whether you need a rare earth magnet versus a regular magnet, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will tell you everything you could need to know about rare earth magnets, […]

How to Calculate the Strength of a Magnet

How to Calculate the Strength of a Magnet

Your magnets may need occasional testing to verify that they still perform as expected. Several environmental and adverse use factors can damage the strength of a magnet. Learn about magnet strength, including how to test it. What You Need to Test the Strength of a Magnet  To test the strength of a magnet, you need […]

Magnets in Everyday Life

Modern kitchen cabinets that use magnets to help close the cabinets.

We are surrounded by magnets.  Magnets are all around us, and most people do not even realize it.  Sure, you may have some on your fridge that come to mind, but most average households in the US have hundreds of magnets in them.  These magnets are tucked away in some of our most used items […]

The Perfect Match: Match Pole Magnets for Tradeshow Booths


  Tradeshow season is upon us and exhibiting at tradeshows is a great way to get your company’s name out there to thousands of new possible customers.  A large backdrop or tradeshow booth can be a great way to attract customers to your booth space.  Most tradeshow booths are collapsible for easy storage and shipping, […]

What Is a Die Cut Magnet?

what is a die cut magnet

Die-cut magnets are helpful in many industries, from cut-out magnets on the fridge for branding to industrial applications like switches, gaskets and masking. The die cutter is a type of press that comes in various sizes.  The cutter uses a steel rule or ejector die to create an exact shape with specific dimensions depending on […]

The Right Magnet For The Job

Has this ever happened to you?  Your customer has a job they need to be completed, but they do not know exactly what they need for the outcome to work as they had envisioned.  You know that they are looking for the magnet in their project, but there are numerous different kinds of the magnet.  […]

Finding The Perfect Magnetic Mate

We all know that February is the month of love, and really aren’t we all looking for our perfect mate?  Like people, magnets are very particular about what other magnets they like to pair up with.  While there is no Tinder for magnets, the article below can help you become the perfect matchmaker when it […]

Magnets for Warehouse Labeling


Businesses that carry an inventory of stock know that having their inventory counts correct is imperative.   Inventory counts have a greater shot at being accurate if your stock is organized, easily identifiable, and easy to count.  Also, it is very important for your workers to be able to easily pick product off the warehouse shelves, […]

Magnets Are Not Toys

It is the holiday season, and that means lots of new toys and gadgets for kids to play with.  Among these toys, there could be a danger lurking that many people are unaware of.  Many popular toys these days contain magnets, whether openly visible in magnetic building sets, or concealed within a toy.  Magnets can […]

Holiday Signage That Is Sure To Attract!


It’s that time of year again.  The turkey and pumpkin pie are barely digested before most of us turn our focus to hitting the stores to get those Black Friday specials and holiday deals occurring within the month of December.  While many of us are out cruising the stores and restaurants trying to buy this […]

How Magnets Can Save Lives

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland.  All these towns names evoke feelings in us of sadness and helplessness thinking of the young lives lost in senseless school shootings over recent years.  In 2018, school shootings have hit an all-time high.  While the government argues over whether gun control is the answer, concerned citizens wonder what smaller, attainable […]

3 Tips for Safe Neodymium Magnet Handling

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world. While used in packaging and display industries frequently, these rare earth magnets also make cell phones vibrate, help turn turbines, and power MRI scanners. 1. Check Your Surroundings Large neodymium magnets can attract one another, and other ferromagnetic materials, from far off distances. Even small […]