Flexible magnets are a versatile component of any business’ retail and marketing strategy. These range from simple shapes to specialized rings for switch activation in pneumatic applications. But when choosing the right die cut magnet specs, there are many factors to consider. Does your die cut part require adhesive? What level of tolerance will it require?

When providing specs for your die cut magnets, here are 4 things to consider:


There are a variety of die cutting techniques available. Rochester Magnet will work with you to determine the best method based on the design of your part and the application. Simpler and thinner parts are typically cut with a steel rule or punch die. We can provide both through cutting and kiss cutting, depending on the requirements and specifications of the part. More complex or thicker parts may require water jetting to yield the best results.

Die Cutting Tolerances

Generally, the tolerances that apply to die cutting rigid materials, like metal or rigid plastic, don’t apply to flexible materials. Flexible magnet “gives” slightly during the manufacturing process, requiring slightly looser tolerances. We recommend +/- .005” minimum when designing your die cut part.


While we make every effort to manufacture to your specs, flexible magnet, like most materials, will expand and contract with changes in temperature. This is known as the coefficient of thermal expansion and will be more noticeable on larger parts. We recommend consulting with our experts if you have questions about your part and application so we can get you the right part the first time.


Although often referred to as “rubber magnet”, flexible magnets do not stretch like rubber. Thin walls, narrow and intricate designs can be delicate and may require careful handling. If you’re concerned about the durability of your design, contact us to troubleshoot it with you.

Looking for customized flexible magnets? Rochester Magnet offers die cut flexible magnets in a range of shapes and applications. Contact us and our team of our experts will help guide you.