what is a die cut magnet

Die-cut magnets are helpful in many industries, from cut-out magnets on the fridge for branding to industrial applications like switches, gaskets and masking. The die cutter is a type of press that comes in various sizes. 

The cutter uses a steel rule or ejector die to create an exact shape with specific dimensions depending on the magnet’s size, thickness and quantity. In other words, the die cutter operates like an industrial cookie cutter, using a hydraulic press to push sharp blades into a material with just enough force to prevent it from cutting the sheet underneath.

Want to learn more? The Rochester Magnet team has created a quick overview of how die-cutting magnets can impact all different businesses in a meaningful way. 

Die Cutting Magnets For Masking

Magnetics for masking are pre-cut adhesive shapes that the manufacturer removes from the roll and sticks on the part. This process can save tremendous amounts of time and labor compared to punching, cutting, tearing and shaping the magnet by hand at a workbench. 

While many companies offer standard squares, rectangles or discs, it’s also possible to make intricate, custom shapes. These masks often come with helpful features for the manufacturer, like tabs for easy removal. The manufacturer can also place alignment marks on the mask to ensure that the masked surface is surrounding the correct feature with proper spacing.

Die Cutting Reed Switches

Die cutters are an ideal tool for creating reed switches. The reed switch has two contacts manufactured from ferromagnetic material. The contacts have a hardwearing metal coating and come sealed inside a thin glass envelope filled with unreactive gas. The contacts also have magnetization from materials like nickel-alloy. When a magnet comes near the switch, it causes the reeds to separate or touch to control or interrupt power flow. 

The reed switch has many real-world applications, from laptop computers to cellular flip phones. Each one of these example devices has a magnet on one side and the reed switch on the other so that opening or closing the device opens or closes the circuit.

The die-cutter can punch out the magnetic rings necessary for the reed switch to function properly. Later in the production process, the manufacturer applies magnetization.

Die-Cutting Car Magnets

Blue car with a customized die cut car magnet

The die-cut car magnet is perfect when you need unique shapes. A die-cutting press can cut in virtually any shape, from illustrated characters and logos to original artwork. That’s why Rochester Magnet offers die-cutting services for car magnets to advertise your business.

Car magnets are ideal for building brand awareness in unexpected places, like the back of a bumper in the line at a drive-thru or on the highway. This mobile advertising will help people remember the name and imagery for your brand next time they need a solution.

These magnets have no barrier for use since anyone can simply stick a magnet on their car. It’s also possible for you to print large, economic magnets for your vehicle fleet instead of paying for expensive decals and paint jobs. 

A properly made magnet has a long life for outdoor use. A simple cleaning will help you reap a return on your investment for years to come and attract attention on the road. 

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