It’s that time of year again.  The turkey and pumpkin pie are barely digested before most of us turn our focus to hitting the stores to get those Black Friday specials and holiday deals occurring within the month of December.  While many of us are out cruising the stores and restaurants trying to buy this year’s hottest item or filling up on the new holiday beverage at your favorite coffee place, retailers are changing out signage in their shops to keep up with ever-changing promotions, faster than Santa disappears up the chimney.  How do they do it?


One easy and affordable way to keep up with the demand for signage changes is by utilizing flexible magnets in their signage.  Many retailers find that printing directly on or laminating prints to flexible magnets is an effective way to create their in-store signage.  They then couple the magnet with either a metal or a magnetic receptive surface, which allows them to quickly and easily change out their sale signs and graphics with little to no hassle.  Changeout is as easy as pulling down one magnet and replacing it with another, no hardware or tricky assembly is required.  Flexible magnets can come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be printed or laminated with full-color graphics for eye-popping displays and signage.  Magnets can be used for anything ranging from full wall displays to racking signage, to small POP displays at the register (to try and get you to buy that impulse item), and even on menu boards to easily change out their daily or seasonal specials.

Don’t want to print or laminate to a flexible magnet?  No problem, there is a large variety of hard magnets and magnetic assemblies that make hanging signage simple for retailers.  Hard magnets and magnetic assemblies come in different strengths, sizes and configurations to make holding just about any type of signage out there, a breeze.  Another option to display signage without printing on it is to use a flexible magnetic strip with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. By simply hand applying magnetic strips, which can be custom converted to whatever width, length and strength you need, you can turn virtually anything into a magnetic display.

Retailers do not have to let the flurry of ever-changing holiday signage turn them into a Grinch.  Magnetic displays are attractive, cost-effective, durable and easy to put up and takedown. Magnets have greater holding power than tape, staples or push pins and can withstand wear and tear better than other signage options. Magnet is the gift that keeps on giving!