Businesses that carry an inventory of stock know that having their inventory counts correct is imperative.   Inventory counts have a greater shot at being accurate if your stock is organized, easily identifiable, and easy to count.  Also, it is very important for your workers to be able to easily pick product off the warehouse shelves, as well as be able to restock the shelves accurately and efficiently.    One way to achieve this streamlining of your business is through the use of magnetic warehouse labels. 


Magnetic warehouse labels allow for easy removal and relocation if you need to move pallets around in the warehouse, as opposed to traditional sticker labels, that would require painstaking removal from the shelving often leaving a sticky residue behind.  With magnetic labels, you simply lift the magnet up and move it to wherever you need.  Magnetic warehouse labels come in all different types, so there is sure to be one that meets your company’s needs and budget.  See the different types below, to help you choose what is right for your warehouse.

Write On/ Wipe Off Labels

These magnets have a special coating which allows you to easily write on them with any dry erase marker and wipe off the writing with a dry rag.  These allow for the easiest of changes, with just one swipe you can erase whatever was on the label and rewrite on the same surface.  These can also be used for job scheduling boards, or whatever use you may have for a quick and easy change on the fly.  The usual thickness for these labels is an .030” thick, which is generally all you need for a warehouse label, unless the shelving is knocked into regularly, or you are looking for something a bit heavier duty.

Plain Magnetic Labels

Plain flexible magnet strips are your most simple, budget friendly option.  These can be bought in different thicknesses, which will determine the strength of the magnet. They can be slit into custom widths and lengths to accommodate any size label you are looking for.  Using a plain strip, you can print your own adhesive labels, and apply them right to the magnetic strips.

Adhesive Magnetic Labels

Just as the plain labels above, these come in a variety of thicknesses, and can be customized to exact widths and lengths.  The difference is that these magnets come with a pressure sensitive adhesive with a liner on it that is easily removed.  This means that you can print on any non-adhesive surface and simply apply it to the adhesive side of the magnet strip to easily create your own custom labels.  These magnets can also be scored on a roll to make separating the magnet from the adhesive liner easier and speed up your labeling process.

Colored Magnetic Labels

If you are looking for labels that are different colors to stand out, or simply looking to be able to directly write on your magnetic label, these are a great choice.  These magnets come in a variety of different colors and have a vinyl topcoat, which allows you to write on them with a wet marker and erase them with a damp rag.  The typical thickness is an .030” thick, but some white labels are available in a .060” thick as well.  These can be customized to widths and lengths of your choosing also.